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What Others Are Saying

Human Resources Director, Town of Burlington / Burlington Public Schools

"Dr. Kandyce has become a trusted partner in our wellness program. Her passion and excitement for helping our employees reach their wellness goals is evident in every interaction. She takes the time to understand our needs and crafts her workshops to provide information that is timely and well-researched. Not only does she suggest relevant topics such as the Occupational Athlete (for our Police and Fire Departments) and Nutritious Movement, but she is always eager to create a workshop to fit our unique requests, such as Nutrition-Boosting Foods, Avoiding Burnout (for teachers) and Aromatherapy. Her down-to-earth approach leaves our employees feeling inspired and empowered. Our wellness program would be at a loss without her!"


Producer/Host Live Talk Show President, BCAT Board of Directors Girl Scouts of America, Service Unit Coordinator/Troop Leader

"Dr. Kandyce has appeared twice on my local community interest talk show, "Something to Talk About," on Burlington Cable Access Television. On both occasions, I was amazed with her explanations of the interdependence of the mind and body. I thoroughly enjoyed our discussions and appreciated my newfound knowledge. I am also a Girl Scout Leader and contacted Dr. Kandyce to be a speaker for the annual Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts (GSEMA) Volunteer Conference Event. She focused on the realization that as leaders, we need to take care of ourselves before taking care of others. We can also lead by example, setting the next generation up for improved health habits. Her presentation was well-received and many leaders were still buzzing about her appearance months later. In each of my interactions in a non-office environment, Dr. Kandyce has inspired others with her knowledge and has given them helpful information allowing them to improve their lives. I am looking forward to hearing her share her expertise in her next public speaking engagement"

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5 myths about women's health that'll shock you

  • Find out the most up to date research on women's health.
  • Learn counter intuitive health information to solve your health problems and avoid chronic pain.
  • Anti-aging secrets.
Chiropractic Burlington MA Lady Headache

Pillow Talk! Wake Feeling Refreshed and Restored

  • Do you wake up feeling exhausted?
  • Are you surviving on caffeine?
  • Learn the most common sleeping disorders and solutions you can use to start sleeping better.
Chiropractic Burlington MA Lady Neck Pain

Outsmart Stress! Cultivating Calm in a Busy World

  • Learn the most common sources of stress.
  • Discuss research-proven ways to take control of your life so you can keep calm and carry on.
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Jumpstart Your Metabolism and Live the Fat Burning Life

  • Learn the law of Metabolic Compensation
  • 4 ways to change your metabolism
  • Silent weight loss killers
  • How the environment shapes our bodies
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Spinal Health throughout the Ages

  • Create an action plan to avoid developing postural issues.
  • Discuss spinal health
  • Get tips on how to avoid age and lifestyle habits related to postural changes.
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Optimizing Health with Essential Oils

  • Learn how to use oils and blends in your everyday life and routine.
  • Tips on living chemical free.
  • Ideas for making your own items at home.
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Managing Holiday Stress

  • Learn how to avoid losing your center from trying to keep up with the holiday season.
  • Learn how to recognize overload.
  • Learn how to prevent weight gain, sustain health habits and cultivate calm.
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Healthy Living to 100

  • Do you want to live to be 100 and beyond?
  • Discover the health secrets that have allowed hums to live comfortable and stress free lives to 100 and beyond.

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